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Since 2019, Remembrance Jewelry seeks to create gold filled and stainless steel jewelry that enchants, materializes dreams and emotions, and celebrates special moments. Always with extreme attention to detail, exclusive design, and a commitment to always maintain its high-quality standard.

Remembrance Jewelry is present at all times, to celebrate a wedding, a dream, and a declaration of love, an important date, or a simple wish.



Remembrance Jewelry –

You can create lasting memories with Remembrance Jewelry.  We offer a wide variety of beautiful and quality gold-filled and stainless steel jewelry, watches, and more that people will love.  With several years of experience in the market, we are dedicated to offering our customers a pleasant shopping experience and finding the perfect piece of jewelry. From weddings to birthdays, our unique items make for unforgettable gifts. Shop here at our Cibigi Store or visit us at Baywalk Shopping Mall, St. Lucia today.


Our Goals

Remembrance.mycibigi.online offers the most modern jewelry and fashion accessories at the lowest prices. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers high-quality products that will not only make them feel and look great with themselves, but also make them feel good about their wallets.

Our jewels are always in line with the latest world trends, seeking to provide our customers with a modern and current product, developed within the strictest quality standards.

In creating the collections, we look for themes that express the contemporary style of the brand, our semi-jewels are produced with light and resistant materials, and our finishing and final polishing make the product similar to a jewel.

Looking for a memorable gift for a special occasion? Remembrance Jewelry St Lucia offers cutting-edge silver, stainless steel, and 18K gold-plated jewelry, watches, and more for all your important moments. 

From weddings to birthdays, our unique designs will be cherished for a lifetime.

Don’t settle for ordinary, Buy here on our website at Remembrance.myCibigi.online

or Visit us on the 2nd Level at Baywalk Shopping Mall, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia visit us today.

Make your gift unforgettable with Remembrance Jewelry St Lucia!